herworldplus.com has just uncovered THE definitive new place to shop online !!!

http://www.shopdefinitive.com is a fashion e-retailer with a fab selection of cutting-edge fashion items at very street-friendly prices, helmed by fashion stylist audrey ong and casting director dominic min clarke.

the items are sourced from asia and beyond, in very limited quantities, juxtaposing the trendy with the timeless, resulting in a brilliantly curated range of showstopping statement pieces that effortlessly balance edginess with elegance, fun with formality. the versatile pieces can be styled in a myriad of ways, offering endless cross-styling combinations to enable the most milage from their purchases.

in keeping with the innovative nature of their site, definitive has also bucked the trend of using blogshop or street models by casting new york-based, singapore model of the moment vivien ong, as well as dutch models marije kea, punk loomans and janne hampsink, in their campaigns.

i had a first hand look at the fab collection during their campaign shoot with vivien ( in the scorching singapore sun, no less ) and can’t wait for them to start bringing in menswear too ( hint hint )Image




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