spent the last couple of days in the company of an awesome scotsman, who regaled us with fascinating tales of whisky distillation, the beauty of islay and taught us a scottish cheer or two.
Jim McEwan is the creator of cult whisky bruichladdich, which was launched in singapore at a private bespoke party in a picturesque part of singapore.
my team and I had the privilege of conceptualising and producing the party, and had plenty of fun transforming the quaint riders cafe at the bukit timah saddle club into a gentlemen’s atelier. 20130906-185113.jpg
we worked with menswear designer chong han san of Q menswear to create a pop-up atelier, and peppered the space with custom furniture from likethatone.20130906-190155.jpg20130906-190544.jpg20130906-190614.jpg20130906-190633.jpg20130906-190823.jpg
it was so authentically gaelic that we even brought the scottish weather with us! thankfully, the skies cleared, creating the perfect picture for the lone horsewoman who set the stage for the night.20130906-191133.jpg
we had a fab time entertaining the bold and the beautiful of singapore, who were treated to close shaves by the genius guys from the hounds of the baskervilles, had their shoes shined, and learnt to tie their own bowties, all whilst working their palette through the smooth selection of whisky, from bruichladdich to port charlotte ( heavily peated ) and octomore ( the most peated whisky in the world and my personal fave, especially mixed with a dash of ginger beer, my mixer of choice ).20130906-191830.jpg20130906-191913.jpg20130906-191959.jpg20130906-192101.jpg20130906-192211.jpg20130906-192331.jpg20130906-192437.jpg20130906-192542.jpg
it was a party that stretched for hours beyond the official end, but we’ll do it all again in a heartbeat.
as they say, “too much of anything is bad, but too much of a good whisky is barely enough”


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