whilst rummaging through a bunch of dusty, long-forgotten stuff from my past for a feature by the straits times, I unearthed a picture of my late dog, which my parents had lovingly framed.
I first met ah hock when I was a young, pimply boy and he, a scared little dude barely a few weeks old. my folks had discussed the idea of getting a pet, and I asked for two dogs ( whom I wanted to name bonnie & clyde ). we compromised, and that led to our introduction to a beautiful red doberman , whom I quickly christened ah hock, after the far east & centrepoint kids of the 80’s, with their badly-dyed red hair. ( my folks were appalled and called him “hawk” instead! )
we bonded quickly. I remember sneaking out to spend the night in his kennel, comforting the terrified, crying young puppy. and we grew up together, sharing many beautiful moments. he saw me grow from gawky kid to gawky adult, and i watched him mature into a big strong handsome dog.
national service and university tore us apart and I returned to find a weak, ailing animal, who had been ill for some time. I choose to believe he hung on till he saw me again, and he passed, barely weeks after I moved home.
it’s been more than a quarter of a century since we parted ways and I still think of him everyday. I know he’s in a better place – after all, all dogs go to heaven – and I hope we’ll be united one day

20130929-195828.jpg ah hock in 8 days




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