it was a party with cocktails of a different sort.

skin inc celebrated the launch of it’s on-line concept store with a fabulous, interactive skincare bar. very aptly named “my daily dose”, guests were treated to a personalised concoction of serums after filling in a short survey. and the wide range of ingredients ensured a myriad of combinations, all customised to suit one’s skin type.

i was first introduced to skininc by stylist noah naima. suffering from extremely sensitive skin, and being allergic to almost everything under the sun ( including the sun itself !!! i’m allergic to my own sweat !!! ) , i was a man on a mission, searching unsuccessfully for close to 40 years for the perfect skincare product that didn’t burn, sting or smart my skin. so it was with a great sense of skepticism that i decided to try this new product. not only did my skin react well to it , it cleared up the dryness and flakiness and toned down the redness, especially when i remove the layers of makeup after shoots.

my personal dose of ceramide, collagen and hyaluronic acid is the perfect combination for my skin. and with the craziness that is fashion week upon us , the event was a timely opprtunity to stock up on our daily dosage. and with skininc’s launch of the world’s first skin supplement e-bar, there is no excuse to ever run out serum , no matter where you are in the world !Image the solution to all my skin problems. why have one serum when you can have three ?!!!ImageImageImage skincare for fashionistas, musicians and radio personalities alike Image sharing our skininc experiences – with actors pierre png, rebecca lim and andrea dcruzImage travel sized serum bottles ?ImageImageImageImage male model ian luah stocks up on his serums in preparation for men’s fashion weekImageImageImageImageImage www.iloveskininc.com


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