it was a celebration of hand-crafted excellence at timberland’s 40th birthday bash in singapore.
guests were encouraged to personalize their own leather tags and tote bags, courtesy of the genius guys behind the tyrwhitt general company, a creative arts platform dedicated to reviving an interest in dying crafts in singapore. the same guys behind the brilliant artists who gifted some lucky guests with an awesome hand-drawn, customised timberland yellow boot.
20131001-013451.jpg20131001-013644.jpg20131001-013811.jpg20131001-013947.jpg20131001-014025.jpg20131001-014106.jpg a workshop crafting doves out of plastic bottles is the result of “project soar” a collaborative effort by khor tuck kuan, the christian outreach to the handicapped and timberland, serving to empower people with special needs by creating art pieces out of recycled material 20131001-014225.jpg20131001-014343.jpg uber-stylist lionnel lim pulled together some amazing looks, creating a most fashion-forward timberland mise en scene. 20131001-014625.jpg20131001-014836.jpg20131001-015010.jpg20131001-015243.jpg








20131001-020312.jpg it was a lovely way of celebrating 40 years of the timberland workshop.

*stole some pics from the Instagram account of the tyrwhitt general company


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