to work with one of your fave designers twice a year is a privilege. three times is lucky. four times is blessed. 2013 is the year of the fab five – five wonderful opportunities to collaborate with couturier frederick lee – for a singapore tourism board / formula one showcase; at amber lounge; the new paper new face show and the upcoming couture fashion week.
show number four came in the form of a retrospective of commissioned gowns that frederick had designed for the queen of thailand. the setting was the annual rice ball, very aptly named “a very royal ball”, a dramatic gala of theatrical proportions. and, as usual, frederick didn’t disappoint.
it may have been a retrospective ( I first worked on the collection when it was presented in thailand a year ago ) but frederick has the magical ability to rehash his archival pieces in a fresh and contemporary way. and I saw these gowns in a new light, allowing my creative team and I to conceptualise a majestically new showcase – with a smorgasboug of classical, spoken, rock and punk by the genius boys from the gunnery as the soundtrack, an awesome set flanked by two floating, revolving crowns of epic proportions and the perfect casting of 9 regal queens ( australian model madison was an uncanny dead ringer for elizabeth I and chinese top model han yue injected a carla-bruni-esque quality into her empress dowager ).
a concept can only be realised with a team of like-minded creatives, and I had the best partners-in-crime – ivan heng and glen goei, visionaries extraordinaire and the brains behind the ball. thank you guys, for never saying “no” and allowing frederick and I to indulge in our royal flight of fantasy.
20131007-092046.jpg20131007-092123.jpg20131007-092216.jpg20131007-092425.jpg20131007-092608.jpg20131007-092628.jpg20131007-092655.jpg behind every queenly coronation is a rehearsal 20131007-092746.jpg20131007-092808.jpg not exactly very queenly behavior from american model lyndsey 20131007-093007.jpg20131007-093204.jpg20131007-093318.jpg20131007-093353.jpg20131007-093429.jpg20131007-093503.jpg


20131007-093757.jpg the royal team, knackered from a day of queenly duties ….



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