a stunning night of asian couture that brought the audience to its feet – that very aptly sums up day 7 of fashion week.
lie sang bong showed a wonderfully restrained collection which impressed with subtle details and superb tailoring.
sebastian gunawan upped the regal ante by creating thoroughly modern, fully embellished and immaculately styled couture pieces for the contemporary royal, the new generation’s rock stars.
and yumi katsura took us back on a vintage journey, revisiting some of her most elaborate looks in a theatrical and dramatic show that earned the Japanese doyenne of fashion a standing ovation.
here’s a peek at the putting together of these shows …20131016-163627.jpg20131016-163641.jpg20131016-163721.jpg20131016-163738.jpg20131016-163808.jpg20131016-163834.jpg20131016-163945.jpg20131016-164034.jpg20131016-164254.jpg20131016-164308.jpg20131016-164340.jpg20131016-164413.jpg20131016-164540.jpg20131016-164549.jpg20131016-164612.jpg20131016-164628.jpg20131016-164647.jpg20131016-164700.jpg20131016-164846.jpg20131016-164918.jpg20131016-164956.jpg20131016-165020.jpg20131016-165045.jpg20131016-165057.jpg it was also lovely to see three girls I worked with in model competitions – the new paper new face 2012 winner sharin keong, and asia’s next top model finalists jee choi and sofia wakabayashi – walking for yumi katsura.









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