my solid gold sundays post today is dedicated to a solid gold friendship I’ve had with singapore’s top couturier, which stretches back for decades, numerous trips and countless collaborations.
frederick lee is a visionary, and as a creative individual, I feed off his flights of fantasy to conceptualise dramatic settings to tell his story.
my journey into his supernatural world of the deadly hallows began over a cup of kopi, when he enthralled me with his dark tale of a gothic-esque-meets-edgar allen poe-meets-black swan collection, the story unfolding quickly as he sketched. I saw flashes of tim curry in legend, david bowie in labyrinth, the dementors from the world of harry potter ….. frederick had given me a plethora of awesome mystic images that I could harness in order to create a mind-blowing show befitting his beautiful couture pieces.
I knew it had to shock …. it had to have an unexpected, totally kick-ass soundtrack … I needed a strong cast of the best models …. so I surrounded myself with a rock-solid team of the best creative partners-in-crime ….
and thus began my descent into the deep, dark world of couture madness …..

20131020-135414.jpg20131020-135428.jpg20131020-135434.jpg20131020-135452.jpg it all started with a sketch, or two, or thirty … 20131020-155200.jpg20131020-155305.jpg20131020-155525.jpg20131020-155632.jpg20131020-155703.jpg20131020-155805.jpg20131020-155814.jpg a great show stems from a close relationship and an unspoken trust between the designer and his producer. and it has been this close bond that has resulted in many many amazing frederick lee runway moments 20131020-160125.jpg20131020-160244.jpg20131020-160418.jpg the beauty teams – MAC makeup, led by the inspirational romero jennings, and the genius stephen low and his awesome team from neville salon london – designed the haunting looks for the models, including the arch-angel tattoos ( which took a crazy 5 hours to apply ) and the tim-burton inspired , edward scissorhands hair. the runway soundtrack was created by paul & azmi from the gunnery, layered with quotes from the most iconic horror movies, juxtaposed with another soundtrack by soundwizard raj, and finally remixed a last time by myself …. 20131020-161201.jpg20131020-161210.jpg20131020-161238.jpg20131020-161319.jpg20131020-161814.jpg20131020-162603.jpg20131020-162629.jpg













20131020-164739.jpg it was frederick lee’s birthday 5 days before his presentation, and the show was my birthday gift to him. thank you for being such an awesome source of inspiration always. and most importantly, thank you for being an awesome friend.


2 thoughts on “solid gold sundays : fashion week insider descends into the deep, dark world of frederick lee’s deadly hallows

  1. I cant thank you enough Daniel, with your artistic vision , your right mind. passions and intentions that you display ,. there will be synergy, surprises , inspiration and magic. it s always a pleasure working with you. thank you so much for helping to provide us an amazing show than can be envisioned and made in any time..

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