so you think fashion week is only about the glamour, the parties, the champagne, the air kissing, the celebrities and the clothes ?

behind the glitter and the lights is a phalanx of unsung heros that make it all happen – the heart of the fashion week machinery – and i don’t mean the designers.

from the dressers who slave over the preparation of the outfits, painstakingly ironing out each and every crease and rushing to make the 1-minute outfit changes , to the photographers who risk life and limb ( and being trampled upon by amazonian models in skyscraper stiletoes ) … from the security personal, who face abuse time and time again from irate guests, gatecrashers and egotistical fashionistas with an inflated sense of self-importance right down to the cleaning auntie , who makes sure the venue is immaculate and ready for the shows. nothing miraculously happens with a wave of a fashion magic wand. and these are the true heros of fashion week.

to them, i give a standing ovation and a heartfelt salute. fashion week would not be fashion week without their contribution.

Image the dressers, backstage cuers and runners are the designers’ and show producers’ right and left hands for every show ImageImage ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage garment charts, running order cue sheets and show cues do not, unfortunately, magically appear …. ImageImageImageImageImage a fab tech team interprets the producers vision and helps create the mood for each show ImageImageImageImage this gentleman must be one of the most patient and polite security personnel i have ever met. thank you to you and your team for taking care of everyone over the 11 days.Image hair and makeup – not as glam as you think – but under the hands of the experts from MAC and neville london, everything appears effortless … ImageImageImageImageImageImage the thankless job of the PR – having to co-ordinate countless interviews, juggle schedules, manage difficult managers, spoilt celebs, locate designers MIA , screamed at by clueless minions , all whilst having to keep a smile and a happy demeanour always …. Image the photographers who document every glamorous moment for you in cramped, not very glamorous conditions ImageImageImage and finally, the two cleaners who greet us each morning with a cheery smile and a lovely “good morning”, who keep the space spic and span, and who humbly declined to be photographed, because “we’re not important”. here’s a sniper shot of them hard at work ImageImage

there are so many others we need to acknowledge … the people who prepared and served the food to the backstage crew , the wait staff , the workers who built and tore down the sets …..

on behalf of my team, we thank you for all your time and effort. you may be out of the limelight, but you are as essential and important to fashion week as anyone else.ImageImageImage


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