the end of every fashion week brings with it it’s own unique set of memories. good or bad, pleasant characters or nasty divas, flashes of inspiration or flat fashion moments, these are the images we take with us when we reminise, years from now. this fashion week will be remembered for the amazing shows by the asian couturiers – the dramatic silhouettes of michael cinco, guo pei, sebastian gunawan and frederick lee ; the inaguration of the asian couture federation ; a fashion reunion with japanese designers junko koshino and keita maruyama ; a lovely surprise by the fab folks from epson and leica, who sent a few printers and a camera our way during pre-production ; the multi-tasking celine tan and her wonderful team, who seem to have mastered the art of being in five places and dealing with ten emergencies all at once, and an amazing bunch of disciplined, punctual and highly professional models, who dealt with badly behaved designers, rude staff and food palavas with the utmost dignity – they were one class act and i take my hat off to them.

a man is only as good as his support, and i am lucky to be surrounded by my dream team – whether it’s fittings at wee hours of the morning, changing cues 2 minutes before curtains up, standing in for missing supermodels at rehearsals or doubling up as impromptu manicurists, they’ve done it all. they are my best memories of fashion week, and i’m happy to have shared many wonderful moments with them.

here’s a round-up of the past 11 days, through our eyes. and now, its off to the next fashion project.

enjoy !


my fashion dream team

l-r : bella, d*, kevin, sam, sabby, audrey C, daphne, chloe, andrea, tzeyang, audrey O, dominic min, bryan, fairul

MIA : kat & wani ( probably dealing with some fashion emergency somewhere )



2 thoughts on “fashion week, unzipped

  1. It is very sweet of you to know your entire team by name and recognize their talents and efforts. love your fashion diary and behind the scenes pics! may I take this opportunity to commend you and your team for the impeccable shows. From the show choreography to the music and lighting, every show was unique and specially tailored to the collection and oft I left the hall feeling like I was treated to a world class performance. So thank you and your amazing team! 🙂

    Although guo pei has amazing designs, the poor guo pei models must have been exhausted after the show! some of them probably had to stand throughout the hours and/or couldn’t rest their arms right?

    I am very curious who the difficult designers were! 😛 I know a few were very diva-ish and arrived late on a few occasions (or didn’t show up at all for appts) but thankfully most were very nice when I had the chance to interview them! 🙂

    • thank you for your kind words. I have a fab team and they are my foundation.
      and yes, the models were amazing. we had a fab bunch who put up with the most ridiculous nonsense, not just from designers. they were troopers and a hardworking bunch.
      and diva designers …. hahaha …. thankfully, they were a minority.

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