juicy couture celebrated their new creative direction with a star-studded party at their new shop in singapore that was nothing short of WILD … from crazy instagram prints to bejewelled buttons, lucky draw prizes like viva la juicy noir fragrances and juicy swarovski crystal-set watches, appearances by MTV personalities alan wong and hanli hoefer, a rockin’ soundtrack by DJ twoface and a crazy celebrity guest list …. the perfect backdrop to their wild new luxe look – from the large, gold-leafed crystal chandelier to the herringbone floors and the brass and mirrored new fixtures …. it was a decadently whimsical night overflowing with champagne and glamour, and my team and i had the most fabulous time putting the party together … 20131024-180428.jpg20131024-181248.jpg20131024-200414.jpg20131024-230826.jpg20131024-230917.jpg20131024-231035.jpg20131024-231312.jpg20131024-231401.jpg20131024-231457.jpg20131024-231632.jpg20131024-231708.jpg20131024-231751.jpg the juicy couture event producers … dominic min clarke , audrey ong , sam yeo , d* , sabrina garcia , audrey chan




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