thank you for the overwhelming response to the frederick lee posts. its lovely to see such wonderful support for our singaporean talent.

many have asked me if i could post a video of the show. unfortunately, my team and i were too busy trying to produce the perfect show and it completely slipped our minds to document it.

here’s, however, an almost complete video of the show ( minus the dramatic opening and the telekinetic door-slamming bits ) by the lovely folks from imagine tv network, which we stumbled upon on youtube. pity bout the totally-inappopriate, stripped-in soundtrack, which turned the entire show into a disney-on-parade-esque production.
best watched with the volume down …. enjoy, and indulge in the genius that is frederick lee ….


meanwhile, here are lovely reviews of the show by cheryl chia for the weekender and superadrianneme. happy reading ! and have a lovely weekend !

Image http://www.weekender.com.sg/e/fide-fashion-weeks-ends-on-a-high-note/

Image http://www.superadrianme.com/2013/10/27/frederick-lee-fide-fashion-week-2013/#respond

“If Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller The Birds and the vortex of creativity of Haute Couture had a baby, it would look like this! ….
It was dramatic even before it began. As I walked into the hall I thought I was entering a horror movie.
two male models covered in tattoos and antlers …. stood watch at the entrance of doom. The music kept a consistent tempo of loud heavy metal, eerie beats with popular sound bites from Psycho and The Sixth Sense injected in to the mix”
nicole kow – through my looking glass




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