one of the lovely aspects of being a event organiser is the discovery of fab, often unique, off-the-beaten-track establishments in the quest for the perfect venue to host the numerous events we organise.

whilst curating the launch activities for cult scottish whisky bruichladdich, my team and I stumbled upon a quaint little cafe in the heart of singapore. situated on the grounds of the former turf club in bukit timah, surrounded by soft, gentle, undulating grasslands and overlooking the stables, riders cafe is an unpretentious, colonial-esque, rustic restaurant in a beautiful, untouched part of urban singapore.
20131102-041932.jpg20131102-042131.jpg20131102-042529.jpg20131102-042701.jpg20131102-043214.jpg20131102-043226.jpg 20131102-044459.jpg20131102-044704.jpg20131102-044849.jpgwe fell in love with the place and decided almost immediately that it would be the perfect venue for the whisky event. our concept was to create a secret gentlemen’s sartorial getaway, with a hint of the colonial, set amidst the picturesque fields on the “isle of islay”, home of bruichladdich – an almost-lyrical, scottish manifestation of the romantic poets, with a touch of healthcliff and cathy wandering across the rolling moors of wuthering heights, if you must.
( the gods must’ve been smiling down on us, because it rained, no, stormed, the entire day leading up to the event. we set up the space to a backdrop symphony of howling winds and neighing horses, skies only parting in the evening, to bathe the building in rays of yellow, the wet grass reflecting the blue glow of the lighted balloons in an almost surreal manner, and a lone horsewoman riding through the resulting mist that enveloped the area, setting the perfect stage for the party. poetic indeed )
it helped that riders cafe is owned and run by two of the loveliest ladies, who allowed us to completely transform the space into our vision of bespoke.20131102-045858.jpg20131102-045940.jpg pulling off an ambitious concept with a crazy makeover requires a team of like-minded, crazy creatives with a fearless vision. that, we found in furniture collective likethatone, bespoke menswear atelier Q menswear ( owner hansan used to work for me more than a decade ago, and I guess some of my madness must’ve rubbed off on him ! ) and the grooming wizards from the hounds of the baskervilles.
and here’s what we did to the place. enter, if you dare ….20131102-050600.jpg20131102-050816.jpg20131102-051023.jpg20131102-051623.jpg20131102-052028.jpg20131102-052156.jpg20131102-052441.jpg20131102-052641.jpg20131102-052854.jpg20131102-053127.jpg20131102-053414.jpg20131102-053541.jpg20131102-053821.jpg20131102-053931.jpg20131102-054450.jpg20131102-054605.jpg20131102-054740.jpg20131102-054848.jpg20131102-122453.jpg








20131102-131140.jpg and so it came to pass, the perfect marriage of partners ….. with a little touch of divine intervention ….




hounds of baskervilles

20131102-131338.jpg stole some pics off the riders cafe website


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