spent a wonderful afternoon with a couple of young fashionistas at the cosy penny university cafe in the rustic east coast, where we chatted about all things fashion.

thank you, jessica, for the lovely interview.



“fashion to me is all about creating self-expression. this is the reason why there are so many types of designers, models and magazines in the world. there is no be-all and end-all in fashion. not even vogue”


“my first and only source of inspiration is always the designer … eventually, a fashion show is a presentation of aesthetics, where the story of the collection has to be told to the people who are watching it”


” … there is much more to fashion than what you see on television, the movies, as well as in magazines, because those are just superficial and romanticized views … to be in the industry, you really have to love clothes, designers and most importantly, love the creative process, not just the glamour of it … ”




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