if you were at the junction of orchard and cairnhill roads at 9am this morning, noticed a huge crowd gathering, and thought a korean celebrity was in the vicinity, you were, technically, almost right. the new robinsons orchard threw open their doors in a boisterous celebration of color, drums, flowers and prancing lions, and korean mega-designer lie sang bong was in the house …. well, his label, anyway. that, and a host of other exciting exclusives, including elizabeth & james, alice by temperley, illamasqua and atkinsons, are part of the reason why this is THE most exciting lifestyle and fashion store to have opened in singapore in ages ! not to mention an amazingly-curated selection of the most fabulous merchandise, set amidst imaginative tableaus usually seen only in the best stores of new york, london and hong kong.ImageImageImageImageImage

a walk through the store is like an adventure in wonderland, every corner turned bringing with it a new experience, touching all your senses at onceImage the basement is a virtual wonderland of the most unusual, quaint homewear & appliances, sourced from all corners of the globe, many in unexpected palettes of powder pastels, shades of pop art or sensible metallics, set against a dramatic flooring of patterned black-and-white tiles. this, coupled with a selection of fab foods, was show producer / musician / chef bryan gamboa’s fave department, and he combed the floor like a cat on catnip !ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage the robinsons adventure gets more and more scintillating the deeper into the labyrinth you go. just when you thought they had topped themselves, along comes another floor of even more mind-blowing marvels. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage the crowing glory is the lifestyle section on the top floor, a magnificant collection of the most exotic and the most luxe desirables.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage with the yuletide approaching, it’s timely that a fab new retail store descends upon our doorsteps. looks like many will be getting swept away with their festive shopping this year !

and something to look forward to in 2014 …. robinsons orchard will be opening their new annex , with a lovely selection of singapore designers. we can only wait with bated breath ……Image


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