how apt that I stumbled upon some pics of an old friend whilst watching the finals of the miss universe 2013 contest ( how gorgeous were miss india, indonesia and china !!! congrats to all of you for making the top 16 ( top 10 for india) , and to the heavenly ariella arida, miss philippines for emerging 3rd runner-up ! )
marion nicole teo is a friend from university, almost two and a half decades ago. she was also, in 1987, our representative to the miss universe contest (which was hosted by singapore, at the former world trade centre ), and one of our most successful beauty queens ever, being only one of two girls to have made the semi-finals at the international finals. and looking at her pics today a quarter of a decade on, marion is certainly testament that beauty never dies ….






20131110-094219.jpg and speaking of the miss universe finals in singapore in 1987, I was a poor struggling university student then, all google-eyed at the bevy of beauties descending upon our shores. so I volunteered ( along with scores of my uni mates ) as an usher, to get up close and personal with the ladies. and here are some memories of mine from the rehearsals ( we weren’t allowed to bring cameras into the hall during the finals, and mobile phones were not invented yet ! )







20131110-095015.jpg the pre-judging of the national costume segment. I remember thomas wee, singapore’s most prominent designer in the 1980s , being part of the panel


20131110-095159.jpg the miss universe angels, dressed as SQ girls, stole the show

20131110-095305.jpg fyi, the miss universe 1987 pageant was won by cecilia bolocco of chile

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