I had a brush with a reality show last night ( albeit in a good way ) when diva universal hosted the launch party for season four of model search supermodelme.
an original concept developed and produced by karen seah of refinery media, the show is dedicated to the discovery and grooming of asian and pan-asian faces for the fashion and entertainment industries.
my history with supermodelme began in season three, when I was invited to sit on the panel as a judge on two episodes. and I made plenty of fab new friends along the way.
helming the show is the fabulously statuesque asian supermodel lisa S, a wonderful mentor to the girls, firm yet nurturing, testament that you don’t have to be a diva to succeed in this industry ( the only “diva” we need in our lives is the channel it’s aired on ! ) she is joined by dominic lau and ase wang, awesomeness personified, making it one of the strongest lineup of any style-based reality show, asia or beyond.
apart from the excitement of meeting the girls ( I look forward to working with each and every one of them soon ), it was also
a great opportunity to chill with ( and catch up on the goss ) with old industry friends over a drink and a dash of glamour. ( and, I have to add, raven wu is one spectacular baby !!! congrats to lisa and daniel wu …. )
what a lovely way to spend a tuesday evening indeed.





20131113-094505.jpg and here are the lovely girls – pics stolen off the supermodelme Instagram account


20131113-094601.jpg catch supermodelme on the diva channel and let me know who your faves are. you could be privy to the making of the next big asian fashion face !!! enjoy !!!


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