I traipsed through the affordable art fair in singapore on wednesday evening, partly to celebrate the launch of art republik, a brand new glossy by the fab folks of heart media, and partly cos I was curious.
as a collector of predominately asian art for the past few years, I was interested to see what the rest of the world had to offer. and, like everyone else, was also looking for a good buy at a great price !
so, what did I think of the offerings? plenty of interesting, albeit slightly overpriced, pieces and some ho-hum , predictable , ordinary ones. but I did manage to unearth some wonderful gems.
here’s a selection of some of my faves ….

20131122-001252.jpg “blue worship” is an inspired picture of a nun by joel moens de hase. look carefully and you’ll see it’s made up of a collage of bikini-ed bottoms. a wonderful example of pixel art

20131122-001607.jpg soemo gallery had some great pieces by chinese artists. here’s a couple of oriental beauties by zhang xiangming and a pop-art print of an original artwork by sheng jingdong



20131122-001946.jpg “god save the queen” by keith haynes

20131122-002800.jpg amazing landscape perspective by scottish ronnie ford

20131122-002923.jpg loving the carefree abandon of american artist david kracov


20131122-003514.jpg lots of fashion references on display at the fair




20131122-003747.jpg bejeweled


20131122-003935.jpg stylish icons meet fashion superheroes



20131122-004755.jpg what’s a stylish event without the instaprinta? and, like all the art on display, it’s the real deal, not a cheap rip-off


20131122-005023.jpg too much of a good thing makes a great conversation piece


20131122-005156.jpg so, did I walk away with anything? I wish I could’ve grabbed all my fave pieces but unfortunately, I don’t print money, so I had to be disciplined and restrained …. there was, however, one piece that had my name painted across in broad strokes across the canvas … hand picked by bert van zetten, uber curator and owner of the barcelona-based villa del arte gallery specially for the singapore fair, it was a brilliant interpretation of fashion god kaiser karl by spanish artist juan pajares …..
cost of painting – affordable ….
decades of joy – priceless

20131122-010141.jpg go check out the gallery and hunt down the inspirational bert for his pearls of wisdom, and let me know what your fave pieces are …. have fun !!!


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