one of the most fun moments at fashion week was when I filmed with seven amazing personalities from the 2013 edition of vietnam’s next top model. from the moment they were introduced to me at a fashion show casting, through the fittings to the final catwalk, wearing the fashions of some of singapore’s most cutting edge young designers, the models impressed me with their professionalism, the dedication to their craft and their innate sense of style and grace.
the four boys and three girls, the top seven finalists, were flown to singapore as part of an episodic challenge, and I was invited by the producers to make a guest appearance on the programme, throwing the fresh faces into the deep end by making them audition for the show alongside international models.
so, who made the cut and walked the runway for the likes of reckless ericka, l’ile aux ashby, mr howard and max tan? who were my faves ? and which model was eliminated ?
you’ll have to tune in to find out.
all I can say is, I had a ball of a time filming with the team. kudos to the producers for putting together such an amazing show.
all the best to all seven for their modelling careers, and I look forward to working with them again very soon ….













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