several weekends ago, I wrote about my experience working on the miss universe 1987 finals, when it was hosted by singapore. so imagine my ( very pleasant ) surprise when I received a call from a journalist from the new paper singapore, who had seen the post, and wanted to know more.
I did the interview and promptly forgot about it.
I saw the finished article today, and it was a lovely profile on three of our ex-beauty queens, post-pageant. and I must add that all three ladies have certainly weathered the age-storm very well, and are all very successful career women.
how says beauty queens can’t be inspirational?





20131208-162417.jpg and, for the record, yes, I did think the gowns were pretty horrific ! but then again, this was the height of eighties fashion, the era of gigantic shoulder pads, excessive sequins and ruffles, and huge, dynasty-meets-falcon-crest, linda-evans-joan-collins-type hair. so yes, they did reflect the fashion style of the period. therefore, I guess, to be a little more politically correct, the gowns were … erm …. period-appropriate, albeit fashionably hideous?


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