congratulations to sean ellis and to my dear friend jake macapagal for winning big at the 2013 british independent spirit awards at the old billingsgate in london, walking away with prizes for the best british indie film, best director ( for sean ellis ) and best achievement in production.




sean ellis had to remortgage his home to fund the production of a crime-thriller, set in the philippines with an entirely tagalog script, and was quoted as saying that “one of the problems he had when looking for finance was that potential investors wanted him to make it in English, or include an American actor”. thanks for sticking to your guns and making a truthful movie of such depth, one that speaks to you on so many different levels.
and congratulations too, to jake macapagal !!! I first met the amazing actor on the stage production of the musical victor/victoria in 2009. he played the lead role of king marchand opposite international jazz sensation laura fygi as victoria grant and I made a cameo as her agent, andre cassell. I hadn’t been on stage since 1994 ( save for another cameo earlier in the year, as the ringmaster of a circus freakshow, in sleepless town ), and was feeling a tad rusty and insecure. I remember jake as a patient, nurturing and giving mentor who gently nudged me back into the world of theatre, and we have remained great buddies ever since. jake has made appearances at many of my fashion and lifestyle shows in singapore and vietnam, including the singapore jewel fest, the finals of the new paper new face and the launch of luxury watch bell & ross, but deep down inside, I know that he was just biding his time and that something big would happen to his career one day. talent like that are few and far between, and the success of the film couldn’t have happened to a more deserving thespian.

20131210-082541.jpg jake and I backstage at victor/victoria with malaysian actress / supermodel bernie chan


20131210-082704.jpg the star-studded cast of victor/victoria included life! theatre awards best actor winner matt grey and tv personality shane mardjuki

20131210-082829.jpg vacationing at one of my favourite places in the world, the beautiful island of borocay


20131210-082950.jpg I had the privilege of styling jake for a personality shoot, lensed by Singaporean photographer saz



20131210-083122.jpg go catch metro manila, if you haven’t yet watched it, and let sean and jake take you on this amazing journey through the underworld of metro manila.



metro manila | Daniel Boey’s Diary


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