how apt that the juan pajares painting I purchased recently arrived just as the kaiser presented the chanel metiers d’arts fashion show in dallas.

20131211-231920.jpg I was introduced to the amazing work of the spanish artist by the effervescent burt van zetten, owner of the barcelona gallery villa del arte.
“what if art were not in museums, but in our daily lives, on the street?” ( frédéric-charles baitinger )
juan is a self-taught artist, whose work is profoundly influenced by the streets of New York.



20131211-234100.jpg his translation of pop art icons, juxtaposed with a graffitied element, brings a surrealistic, almost cinematographic quality, to his work. and it was this quality that made his interpretation of karl lagerfeld reach out to me amongst the numerous canvases on display at the affordable art fair.


20131211-235201.jpg and thanks to the cultured eye of señor van zetten, who picked the piece specially for the singapore show, herr lagerfeld now takes pride of place in my reading room, alongside ted ( the papa bear chair ) and sid ( the sputnik lamp ).

20131211-235631.jpg ville del arte gallery, established in 1996, is one of catalonia’s leading contemporary art galleries. they represents over 30 national and international, established and emerging painters, photographers and sculptors, and stand out amongst the many galleries with a willingness to exhibit some lesser-known artists.









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