my team and I have spent the last three days in Ho Chi Minh city, hosted by a lovely group of people, and working with some amazing talent.
we were flown to vietnam to work on the runway segments for the finals of vietnam’s next top model, collaborating with runway coach and fashion fabulousity personified, the wonderful jay alexander.
20131222-114519.jpg and it was full steam ahead from word go. after depositing our luggage at the hotel, we were whisked off to the cuc gach restaurant for one of the best vietnamese lunches I’ve ever had. the restaurant is owned by an architect, and his touches are evident all over the tastefully quirky, uniquely vietnamese decor. 20131222-115241.jpg20131222-115425.jpg20131222-115514.jpg20131222-115605.jpg20131222-115720.jpg20131222-115809.jpg20131222-115857.jpg with that great introduction to the city, we plunged headlong into rehearsals, production meetings, fittings and some of the most fun catwalk sessions with the irrepressible miss J. it was particularly wonderful to work again with vietnamese model, thuy trang, whom I first met on another reality show I was part of. she is representative of the new breed of vietnamese models that are poised to take the fashion world by storm, and I forsee the model agents turning to vietnam next to scout for the next big asian face.20131222-120619.jpg20131222-120753.jpg20131222-120831.jpg20131222-120914.jpg20131222-120935.jpg20131222-120950.jpg20131222-121036.jpg20131222-121140.jpg20131222-121242.jpg20131222-121403.jpg the absolutely mind-blowing set has hidden trapdoors, moving parts and a huge three-dimentional LED screen that has to be seen to be believed. 20131222-121758.jpg20131222-121910.jpg





20131222-122810.jpg and so, after three days of working round the clock, we are now at the final leg of the model quest. who will win? well, you’ll have to tune in tonight, 9pm on vietnamese television ( channel 3, TVT3 ) , to find out. and for those with no access to the channel, watch out for my next post, with all the backstage goss and pics from the finals.
in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at the final four ….



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