L’Officiel singapore celebrated her seventh birthday in style with a star-studded party attended by the movers and shakers of the singapore fashion industry 20140307-232911.jpg20140307-233426.jpg20140307-233457.jpg20140307-233525.jpg L’Officiel was first published in paris in 1921, and has grown to become one of the world’s most iconic female high fashion magazines. now published in 20 countries worldwide, the publication embodies the spirit of French elegance and style. 20140307-234041.jpg20140307-234119.jpg20140307-234154.jpg20140307-234221.jpg20140307-234328.jpg L’Officiel singapore is an authoritative voice on fashion, luxury, jewellery, arts , beauty and lifestyle , catering to the style sophisticate , the cultured and the well-heeled , many of whom turned up in their designer best to help the magazine celebrate her special day 20140307-234751.jpg an exhibition of the finest designer pieces by the likes of dolce & gabbana , dsquared , carven , marc Jacobs and burberry prorsum 20140307-235032.jpg20140307-235047.jpg20140307-235137.jpg congrats to olivier and nick at heart publishing , and jumius and team at L’Officiel for seven wonderful years ! here’s to many many more fabulous moments




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