here’s another review of the costumes that my team and I put together for “A Singaporean in Paris”.

“It is true that staged shows offer us the pleasures of clothing not simply as a material garment but a mode of dreams. It fosters a feeling of expectancy, awakens the imagination, and maintains an incessantly renewed sense of novelty”
(Diana Festa-McCormick , 1984 , in Fashion in Fiction)

“Beneath the thick French accent, the subtle humour …. the string of heartwarming and entertaining French and English songs alike, as well as an eclectic hint of Singapore culture ….. lies the biggest highlight for me while watching the musical, which is the wardrobe itself.

“Put together according to the creative vision of fashion director Daniel Boey, the casts were adorned with a masterful slew of apparel pieces …. picked from the collections of Singapore and Asian fashion designers … N. Tyler, Reckless Ericka, Odds, Still, Cruise, Revasseur, Thomas Wee, Frederick Lee, Joey Samson as well as JBB …. contrasted with archival vintage pieces from Daniel’s own wardrobe, with the likes of Junior Gaultier Vintage, Versus, 90’s mens suits from Burro, Yohji Yamamoto, Dolce & Gabbana as well as Ermenegildo Zegna’s iconic ‘Z’ sweater, pairing with contemporary threads from international labels such as Calvin Klein and Agnés B.
They were all discerningly picked and styled to emulate after the flair of the Parisian style, based on Daniel’s experience from living in the city of love.”

“While I was in fact looking forward to witness the heavily-embellished mirrored jacket from Filipino designer Jail Jeans, which was hinted in Daniel’s earlier post on his instagram page (@danielboey), in action, I was disappointed to know that it was dropped from the set. Reason being that it was too uncomfortable for the actor to move in it. A few other pieces including one from designer Afton Chan’s old collection were dropped as well.
“If they had told me during rehearsal that the costumes didn’t work, I could have made new pieces overnight, but not three hours before the opening night,” declares a less-than-happy Daniel. “My magic wand can’t work that fast.””

“That being said, ‘A Singaporean in Paris’ is a musical that scored the ticks in the visual department, from wardrobe to the cabaret set design. “

thank you, couture troopers , for the lovely review.
read the entire article at http://www.couturetroopers.com


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