today’s solid gold sundays post is dedicated to Nora Ariffin, arguably one of Singapore’s most successful top models , and is by special request of warren hallett , who wrote in to ask about a shoot I did with Nora in 2006, when I was the contributing fashion director to asian men’s style bible chrome.

20140330-003205.jpg I have been a huge fan of the singapore model ever since my school days , following her career intently as she catwalked her way through the international fashion capitals , snagging a handful of international campaigns along the way ( the most notable being Chanel allure ).

20140330-003515.jpg when I embarked on my own fashion journey , I waited patiently for an opportunity to work with the icon. that day came when nora was back for a lightning visit. I remember the excitement coursing through my veins when I received that call from linda teo, boss of carrie models , and started to plan a special personality story for her , collaborating with asian couturier frederick lee to put together a stunning rack of the most exquisite gowns and dramatic jewellery for the shoot.

20140330-004014.jpg the New York-based nora may have long retired from modelling when i finally got to work with her ( she broke out occasionally to work for special clients like tiffany ) but she was every inch a superstar, oozing charisma and owning every single frame , eclipsing the male talent completely.

20140330-004356.jpg it may have taken me a good couple of years to track down the issue but it was well worth the wait.
here are a few more shots of an early-day Nora that I unearthed



20140330-005118.jpg hope you enjoyed this post, warren .
here’s to you , nora. it was an awesome experience working with you and I look forward to another opportunity in the near future. cheers !


2 thoughts on “solid gold sundays : a singapore supermodel , revisited

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