orchard road exploded in a riot of colour and style last night at the launch of fashion steps out. the road was shut to create a mega runway, on which the likes of reckless ericka , depression and robinsons paraded their latest collections ….
today’s solid gold sundays post reminisces about the first two times orchard road was closed for a fashion event.

20140406-130337.jpg I have fond memories of the first parade in 1989, probably cos I was a participant in the mega- event, being part of the metro contingent ( some of the others included chomel – who staged a mock wedding, daimaru’s bright and breezy “fun in the sun” sequence and hemispheres’ dramatic black & white “positive/negative” presentation ).
metro created an ethno-morphic mashup of asian styles and ethnic fabrics , all done in a contemporary style and extremely groundbreaking for it’s time. I remember wearing a batik suit comprising a fitted jacket with a Mao collar and zouve pants by indonesian designer Ghea, complete with asymmetrical songkok, and carrying a big bottle of “Fahrenheit” fragrance ( a sponsor of the contingent ).
still trying to hunt down pics , unfortunately. cellphones weren’t invented yet , and selfies back then meant pleasuring oneself sexually !!!!!

20140406-131454.jpg orchard road shut for a second time, and I was enlisted by producer rizal to helm three sequences – DKNY ( an Olympic-themed show ), Pena house ( with a lovely bunch of cheerleaders ) and China Silk House , a dramatic kaleidoscope-esque tribute to dong fang pu pai ( “the east is red” – a Chinese legend ).

20140406-131750.jpg models spun in and out from a central core like oriental warriors flying above the bamboo trees ( think crouching tiger hidden dragon ), revealing metres and metres of the softest silks , which fluttered in the balmy orchard road breeze.

20140406-132005.jpg singapore supermodel Anita Akhbar was the orchid goddess , lifted head and shoulders above the models by three hunky guys, and wearing a dramatic floral headdress and trailing silk ( Anita, ie , not the hunky guys , who were swathed in a flowy silk outfit and not much else ) .
see if you can spot celebrities tay ping hui and glenda chong ( at the height of their modelling career ) in the contingent.

20140406-132327.jpg each contingent performed three times , with models , dancers and cheerleaders jogging to each performance area , making their way from tangs at one end to centre point at the other.

20140406-132749.jpg here’s model juliyanti as a rhythmic gymnast in the DKNY sequence

20140406-132846.jpg burberry had a contingent which juxtaposed traditional English style with street tribes

20140406-133043.jpg and takashimaya built a float and staged a lively performance with dancers

how lovely to see the fashion industry evolving and continuing to stay relevant through exciting and fabulous events like “fashion steps out”. have an enjoyable fashion season at orchard, everyone , and happy shopping !!!


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