guests were whisked away on a magical journey into the world of the Hermes man at their Men On The Move party, which dramatically redefined the whole notion of performance art. 12 visuallly-delightful installations, designed by argentinian artist leandro erlich and french digital artist miguel chevalier, revolved around the whole notion of travel, albeit with an interesting twist. a collective of stunning faces ( including singaporean model / actor alex lim ) roamed the whimsical urban playground dressed in stunning pieces from the collection by Hermes’ men’s artistic director, Veronique Nichanian.


identical brothers josh and jayden, from singapore agency NOW models, gave new meaning to the phrase “twin set” in an interesting ‘mirror image’ tableau


isn’t it amazing what you might find on the baggage carousel ? ImageImageImageImage

one of the most interesting spaces was a maze consisting of a series of interconnecting ‘changing rooms’


arrive in style to board a flight at your private hanger ImageImageImage

i preferred to arrive in my very own spaceship ( actually , a fab view of the still-uncompleted singapore national stadium ) Image

a most fascinating, interactive digital wallImage

i attended the event with my fashion familia – creative directors / show producers ryan tan, dominic min clarke and bryan gamboa. everyone who’s a who’s who was there at the party, giving us a fab opportunity to catch up with ( lots of ) industry friends



the event was held at the old kallag airport, a most beautiful heritage site ImageImage

additional pictures by dominic min clarke, bryan gamboa , ryan tan, alex lim, superadrianneme , sarah cheng-de winne , lifestyleasia.com


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