it’s men’s fashion week and gorgeous guys have descended upon the European fashion capitals in droves. london has just wrapped, milan is in the thick of the action and paris is in pre-production.
each fashion week brings with it their own bevy of stars. new faces are discovered and careers are made or broken.
today’s solid gold sundays post brings us back to the time when our male models were the hottest things that walked our island. they were the rock stars of the fashion world who were regularly seen on the catwalks of the world.
here’s a portfolio of the best of them, circa 1989 … helmie, eugene, ashley, CD, tony, bernard, Ibrahim … no last names required … 20140622-114628.jpg20140622-114652.jpg20140622-114723.jpg20140622-114856.jpg20140622-114927.jpg20140622-114957.jpg20140622-115028.jpg





this list is by no means exhaustive. there were hot others like gyp, david lim and model-turned-opthalmologist marc tay. the eighties were indeed an exciting time for the industry.
so who are the male faces of singapore fashion today? the verdict is still out there but here are my choices, plus a couple of new faces ( including an uncanny david-lim lookalike ) whom, I think, we’ll be seeing a lot more of in the near future.

have a lovely Sunday, everyone!


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