I decided to celebrate fashion week by getting inked. I’d been toying around with getting a fourth tattoo for the longest time, and explored various options. I knew I wanted something unusual, yet smart, sexy and sartorial. my last collab with a fashion personality ( Helen Littler of “Elvis Jesus & Co Couture” fame ) yielded a beautiful, classic-style, old-school mermaid, which I adapted as a neon installation when I designed a room at the new majestic hotel.
this time, I turned to model-musician Gabriel De Souza, who designed an amazing Savile Row stag ( like Harry – Potter ie – my patronus is a stag too !!!! ) inspired by a design I stumbled upon whilst surfing the net.
I got the tattoo done in-between bump-in and tech rehearsals, and I’m elated with the result.
what a fab way to kick off fashion week!




20140909-005250.jpg getting a tattoo is only the beginning of the journey. proper care is important to ensure the skin heals well. I found new use for my skin inc “daily dose” moisturizer and their pure deepsea hydrating mask, applying it on the tat to accelerate healing ( I use it on my other tats too, and it’s kept their colours as deep and strong as the day I got them ) I especially like the soothing sensation of the ice cold mask – I keep it in the fridge – when applied on the ink.

20140909-010216.jpg here I am with the artist, who created the beautiful artwork.




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