thank you for the wonderful response to the previous post, especially towards the inclusion of one of our most iconic models Ethel Fong.

many don’t realise that she’s probably our closest connection to the academy awards! in 1987, Lauren Bacall presented the nominees for best costume in an extravagant fashion-and-dance presentation, and ethel opened the show in a slinky aubergine gown from “The Mission”.

I remember gasping in delight when I watched that familiar face slink across my television screen whilst watching the telecast at Sheares Hall, as a 22-year old undergraduate. and silently cussing for not videotaping it for posterity.

thanks to stylist lionnel lim, we now have a clip of the segment ( he chanced upon it on YouTube and we shrieked in delight when he sent it over ! ). it’s rare to find models today who are versatile enough to catwalk and dance to a choreographed beat. enjoy the show and enjoy the fashions !!!











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