in 2006, I had the wonderful privilege of helming the Edinburgh fashion festival, and the surreal opportunity of working with the legendary dame westwood.
for one glorious week, dedicated followers of fashion descended upon the scottish city and turned it into the epicenter of the fashion world. and we were right in the middle of the fabulous fray. apart from vivienne westwood, we rubbed shoulders and collaborated with the likes of mathew williamson and jonathan saunders as well as the impressionable howie from 21st century kilts.




the fashion events ran the gamut from runway shows to a fashion film festival to the world’s first fashion orienteering trail, showcasing an Edinburgh just exploding with a fashion sensibility of its own





being this*close*to fashion luminaries all week was an amazing experience, but the one singular high point was when I was introduced to the world’s oldest living supermodel, the chic and statuesque, impossibly elegant carmen dell’orefice.
Carmen held court at a talk centered around her amazing career, and I was lucky to have a private audience with her at the end of the session.

I wrote about the entire Edinburgh experience ( with lots of pics ) in my new autobiography “The Book of Daniel : adventures of a fashion insider” , including the encounter with the wonderful ms dell’orefice.
the book is published by marshall cavendish and drops into major bookstores in singapore on the 1 November 2014.

you can write to cristina carranza cristinacarranza@sg.marshallcavendish.com for all order enquiries.
have a lovely sunday, everyone !


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